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About Us

Womenpool.com is the ultimate resource for the women of today. Here you will find informative news on all topics including dating, fitness, entertainment, health, pregnancy, etc. Whether you are a school going girl, a college student, or a married woman, you will find womenpool.com useful and helpful in all facets of life. You will find information on those topics and issues which you can’t talk about with others, not even close friends. After all, womenpool.com is all about helping women with their problems, and providing useful information so that you can make the most of your life.

Here is the list of the topics covered by womenpool.com-

Fashion- What’s trending, what’s in vogue? Want to know? Under this section you will articles on latest trends, and also on fashion tips.

Entertainment- Do you love movies and music? Under this section you will be able to catch up with all the latest gossip from both Bollywood and Hollywood.

Health- It goes without saying that health is a major concern for any woman. After all, a woman goes through many phases of life when she has to take extra care of herself. Under the health section you will find very informative articles which will help you take care of your health.

Food- Love cooking food? Under the Food tab you will find assorted recipes from all kinds of cuisines.

Work Life- We live in an era where everything-especially work- is so hectic. But you don’t have to worry as under the Work life section of womenpool.com you will find articles giving tips on how to manage your professional life.

Flirting- Need some really good flirting tips and advices? Just go to Flirting section and help yourself.

Dating Tips- Dating is not everyone’s piece of cake. If you are facing problems related to dating then the Dating Tips section can greatly help you.